Happy Thanksgiving to our Friends in the South

While the Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, American Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So to our friends in the south: that means there will be a plethora of good food and good company in your future. The Neal Brothers believe that traditions are an important part of the thanksgiving holiday – and one of their favourite traditions is gathering around a table of delicious food and giving thanks with friends and family.

Even though it’s important to keep traditions going, spicing up old family recipes is a great way to add a new twist to an old favourite. The Neal Brothers have come up with a few recipes that will add some zest to your meal. Mixing in some all natural and gourmet flavoured Neal Brothers products will add a tasty kick to your holiday dish and will leave your guests begging for your secret ingredient.

The holidays are for family time, not a time to be stuck in the kitchen preparing an extravagant meal. So take a page from the Neal Brothers’ book and sub in some of these recipes to make your thanksgiving a little bit more effortless. These tips and tricks will make whipping up a gourmet meal much easier – they’re quick, easy and unbelievably delicious.

Quick Tips:

  • Mix some crushed Neal Brothers Maple Bacon Kettle Chips into your sweet potato casserole base then add a sweet and savory topping made with crushed pecans and crumbled Neal Brothers Maple Bacon Kettle Chips. (They also make the perfect crunchy topping for your green bean casserole)

Sweet Potatoe

  • Make your classic mashed potatoes light, airy and decadent by whipping in Neal Brothers Truffle Mayonnaise and chopped chives


  • Mix Neal Brothers Pink Himalayan Salt Kettle Chips into your stuffing for an extra crunch


  • Add some zest to your butternut squash dip by adding in some Neal Brothers Lime Mayonnaise


  • Make your vegetables come to life by topping with melted mozzarella, crushed Neal Brothers Pink Himalayan Salt Kettle Chips and sprinkled with rosemary


  • Add some delicious new flavors to your roast with a garlic, herb and Neal Brothers Montreal Steak Spice crust

Roast Beef

  • Finish your holiday meal off with a one-of-a-kind Neal Brothers Spicy Srirachup Kettle Chip and Multigrain Pretzel Nugget chocolate bark

Chocolate bark


Southwest Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes

Looking to start 2015 off right? As promised, we will be sharing an array of delicious and healthy meals to enjoy this new year to help you stay on track! These twice baked sweet potato skins are not only nutritious but are so delicious! Enjoy!


4-6 medium sized sweet potatoes (1/2 per person)

1/2 cup of Neal Brothers corn salsa

4-6 slices of all natural deli ham

1/2 cup of grated monterey jack cheese


Pre-heat oven to 425. Pierce each potato a few times with a fork. Bake in oven for 50-60 minutes or until skin is soft to the touch. Remove and let cool. Cut each lengthwise and scoop flesh out into a bowl leaving 1/4 in. on skin.

skins scoop

To the remaining, add corn salsa and chopped ham. Mix to combine and spoon mixture evenly into each shell. Top with grated cheese and place back in the oven for 10 minutes.

skins before cheese

For the last couple of minutes, turn oven on broil and let tops get crispy -keep an eye on them! Serve with more corn salsa Optional:  sour cream and green onion.