A 60-second four-part crash course on the Neal Brothers, Chris & Peter.

  1. We are brothers (yes, this is a common question we get) who started a company making croutons in our mother’s kitchen, thirty-five years ago.
  2. Our goal, then and now, has always been to provide accessible snack choices for everyone. We use quality ingredients and work hard to ensure we provide a “better for you” snack option.
  3. Even after 35 years, we are continuously looking to innovate and improve our product portfolio, launching new products that stay current with the latest food industry trends.
  4. We remain committed to supporting charitable organizations across Canada through a series of community partnerships. As part of the Good Food Builder Group, we commit to donating a specific amount of profit each year to Community Food Centres Canada.


Goodness: Recipes Stories celebrates 37 good food fighters from across Canada—chefs, entrepreneurs, growers, and food activists who believe that good, healthy food should be accessible to all. Each of their stories underlines the simple truth: food has the power to enrich lives and build strong communities. From supporting sustainability to championing access, outreach, and education, these individuals serve up tablespoonfuls of goodness every day—and in this cookbook they serve up some of their favorite recipes, too.

Well-known chefs such as Lora Kirk, Brad Long, Jamie Kennedy, and Vikram Vij, entrepreneurs such as Elana Rosenfeld from Kicking Horse Coffee and Mike Fata from Manitoba Hemp Harvest, food activists such as Nick Saul, Lil MacPherson, and Sarah Harmer, community food centre champions such as Kim Fox and Paul Taylor, and growers such as Gillian Flies of The New Farm and Michael Abelman of Fields of Plenty explain why good food matters and what community means to them as well as share personal recipes that are perfect for enjoying with family and friends. Highlights include Salmon Rillettes; Quinoa Chicken Salad; Wild Leek & Morel Quiche; Dungeness Crab Tacos; Spicy Pork Noodles; Perogies with Caramelized Onion, Braised Beef Shank & Celery; Caramel Apple Butter Rugelach; and Ginger Stout Cake with Orange Meringue & Coffee Caramel, just to name a delicious few!


As of January 2024, Neal Brothers is proud to be the official snack sponsor of Pickleball Canada and help support one of Canada’s fastest-growing sports. To learn more about the partnership with Pickleball Canada,…