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Meet Marjo


How long have you been at Neal Brothers and what do you do here?

I am coming up to ten years in the spring. I am the sales director for all of Québec. I do a little of everything from sales, account management, brand management, marketing, consumer relations, HR,  the list goes on and on.

Why do you love working for Neal Brothers?

It’s a very family oriented company, I love that. The brothers and my fellow colleagues have become family over the years, I cannot imagine working anywhere else.

Also the FOOD, I love food and working for a company that believes in ‘really tasty’ and ‘good for you’ products is where I was meant to be.

Tell us one of your favourite stories from working for Neal Brothers.

The absolute best thing has been to be able (or given the trust from Neal Brothers) to choose/ hire the most perfect individuals and build a dream team. These folks aren’t just co-workers but personal friends that get together for all kind if activities outside of working hours.


What would you say is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

I was 19 or 20 and I didn’t have a job at the time so friends and I drove to Florida for an extended vacation. I got a job serving in a restaurant and one of the other employees asked if I wanted to make some extra money. I thought ‘of course’ and somehow got myself involved in a group called ‘battle of the sexes” where males and females would wrestle in full costume for people to bet on.

Wow, really? 

Yes, I even had a stage name ‘Natasha from Russia’. I actually had a superfan that wrote me a letter once. I might even still have the letter somewhere.

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What’s your day off look like?

Spending time with my two boys, Julian and Henri. I am a full-fledged soccer mom and proud of it. I’m even thinking of joining a woman’s’ soccer league next summer. I drive a Neal Brothers branded car, wrapped in potato chip graphics but on the inside it’s just full of kid’s sports equipment.

We are a pretty active family and I love to jog and go for hikes, enjoying this country’s beautiful landscapes.

What’s your Goodness?

Every year at this time, I have my boys go through their things and pick out toys that they would like to pass along to someone who might like it. Our local fire department holds a used toy drive and the boys will take their gently used toys over to them for donation.

Personally my ‘goodness’ is doing anything I can to help my friends and community, mostly based around food…since that’s what I love most. Whenever one of my friends is sick or their kids are ill I will bring over a home cooked meal to help out. I have also done this for all my friends when they first brought home their newborns.

Where is your favourite place to wine/dine in your city and why?

Well for me it’s wherever my loved ones are. My girlfriends and I always take advantage of MTL à Table. This is like Toronto’s Winterlicious where you can take advantage of Montreal’s best restaurant for a fraction of the cost.

As for the ‘wine’ part. I will go anywhere that Freddie James Project is playing, usually at the Calistoga Grill near my house. They are a jazz/blues/R&B cover band that gets everyone up dancing.


What’s your favourite Neal Brothers product and how do you eat it?

Pink Himalayan Salt popcorn is our family’s favourite. The four of us will hit the couch with our Neal Brother’s popcorn and a classic film, like Forrest Gump – even my 4 year old loves this one.

What would be your last meal? (Don’t hold back)

My mom would have to cook, she is my favourite chef! A filet mignon with mushrooms and onions, some turnip, buttered green beans and a nice glass of merlot. Also some of my mom’s incredible apple crumble…with a scoop of ice cream of course!



Neal Brothers recherche du sang neuf pour la région de Québec !

Neal Brothers recherche du sang neuf pour la région de Québec !
Cette personne devra rencontrer les clients actuels de la région et développer de nouveaux marchés. L’offre de départ est de 4 jours par semaine. La perle de la capitale est une personne qui parle et écrit anglais (pour nos amis de la maison mère à Toronto !). La dite perle aime la bouffe, est curieuse et adore rencontrer des gens! Neal Brothers est une compagnie familiale ontarienne qui existe depuis 26 ans cette année. Allez visiter le site web de la compagnie pour vous donner une idée des produits que nous offrons et contactez-moi en privé si le défi vous intéresse !



Connie Goes To Kenya

As a company, Neal Brothers is proud of our involvement with different organizations and community programs, and we enjoy participating in various events to help support the community.

Neal Brothers employee Connie Fok is making us proud by helping to support a program near and dear to her heart. She will be travelling to Mully’s Children Family Ndalani in Kenya – a place that provides residential care and rehabilitation for over 600 street children as well as orphaned and vulnerable children. Connie and her daughters Yvette and Chloe will be donating their time from June 27 – July 12 this summer helping out the medical team.

What is needed: $4500 per person (the money raised will be used for community feeding program, medicine, dental equipment and supplies in order to provide free medical, dental and optometry services for MCF children and villagers)

We are happy to help in any way we can and would like to pass this along to all our friends and family at this time.

If you would like to help, please go online to www.mcfcf.org and click on Team Travel, then 1407 RHCCC/NTCAC Team Travel. There is a text box “Add special instruction to the seller” to put in “Support for (Connie Fok/Yvette Hui/Chloe Hui) NTCAC Team“.




The TCHO hunt is on…


photo 2

We are hosting a contest with chocolate brand TCHO in retail stores all across Ontario over the next few weeks.

Find any TCHO product  in your local store, snap a picture and upload it to Facebook. In order to successfully enter you must include the hashtag #TCHOhunt and tag the store you have found it in. We have placed shelf talkers and info throughout the store like this;


TCHO card


The Prize is a beautiful TCHO chocolate gift basket (just in time for Easter) and a $250 Visa gift card. Simple enough, now time to get snapping


Happy Hunting Chocolate lovers!




Contest Rules and Regulations:

PARTICIPATION: To participate in the Contest, you must (i) be at least 18 years of age at the time of entry; (ii) and must follow the instructions to register as a participant and complete and submit an entry as specified. Only registered Ontario addresses will be able to receive prizes.

PHOTOS S are the property of Neal Brothers Foods Inc., which will have the right, without further consideration, to modify and/or use them in its catalog, web site and in any other publication for promotional purposes. Neal Brothers Foods will notify the original owner of the photo & recipe by the contact information that was provided during the time of entry. If for any reason the photos or recipes uploaded for the purpose of the contest are deemed inappropriate by Neal Brothers, we reserve the right to remove the photo from the contest and disqualify the participant.

SELECTION OF WINNERS: There will be 1 Winner who will receive a prize pack of TCHO goodies and other essentials for your kitchen cupboard. TCHO will also include $250 Visa gift card. The winner will be announced on Wednesday April 16 2014 and will be notified on Facebookl. As long as a mailing address can be provided right away, the prize will be shipped out to an ONTARIO address the follwoing day (Thursday April 17 2014)

Neither Neal Brothers Foods Inc. nor any of its agents, employees, parents, affiliates or subsidiaries are responsible for lost, late, damaged, misdirected, incomplete, for hardware or software or any telephone, electronic, network or computer malfunctions, failures, errors or data inaccuracies. In the event the Contest becomes technically corrupt in any way, electronically or otherwise, sponsor reserves the right to cancel, terminate or suspend the Contest. In such an event, winners will be selected for any remaining prizes by random drawing from among all valid entries received before cancellation, termination or suspension.

All aspects of the prize are NON-TRANSFERABLE and no substitutions are allowed. No cash equivalent or exchange of prize is permitted.

Entrants, by participating in the Contest, agree to waive (and potential winners in accepting their prize, agree to waive) any and all claims of liability against Neal Brothers Foods Inc. and their parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies and agencies, representatives and employees from any accident, loss or injury occurring from this promotion or in any way related to the prize or the use or misuse thereof.
Winners hereby agree to the use of their names, addresses (city, state) and likeness for purposes of advertising, trade and promoting in any and all media on behalf of Neal Brothers Foods Inc., without further compensation.

Neal Brothers Foods Inc. has the right to remove any content that, in the judgment of Neal Brothers Foods. is otherwise offensive, harmful, objectionable, inaccurate, or violates any 3rd third-party copyrights or trademarks.

Neal Brothers Foods Inc. will not share your personal information with any other third parties without your permission, other than for the third party application for the purpose of this contest. Neal Brothers will only use your email for the purpose of sending you updates, promotions, etc. on an infrequent basis.


An online auction for EatFit

As you may already know Peter Neal has joined the EatFit team to head up to Cape Dorset, Nunavut next month. He is joined by the students of Stratford Northwestern, their teacher and healthy food advocate Paul Finkelstein, Chef Joshna Maharaj, fitness coach Erin Phelan and photographer Jenny Huesston. They are on an exchange with the Peter Pitseolak School in Cape Dorset to share ideas and knowledge on healthy food and traditions in the kitchen.

The group needs your help to raise the funds necessary for the students to attend. We have some incredible auction items graciously donated from some good friends and supporters of the program.

Please help make this initiative a reality and place your bids now!

Click here to see items

“Let’s use food as fuel for change” – Paul Finkelstein.


EatFit goes to Nunavut

screaming avacados

I wish they had this when we were in high school!

The students of Stratford Northwestern Secondary School with the help of their teacher, Paul Finkelstein created The Screaming Avocado. They offer healthy and delicious daily lunches to the student and staff every day. The meals are prepared by the students using locally sourced ingredients from farmers, producers and their own gardens within the school.


Paul and his students are ambassadors of healthy food and of cooking, farming and traditions. As an extension of The Screaming Avocados, they have created the program EatFit. Listen here


Our own Peter Neal and his daughter Hannah are headed northbound next month as a  part of the EatFit program. This year EatFit has been invited to visit the Peter Pitseolak School in Cape Dorset, Nunavut.


Alongside Peter and Hannah is Joshna Maharaj, a chef, writer & good food activist. Also in attendance is fitness trainer and writer Erin Phelan who will be teaching some simple exercises and lifestyle changes to keep active and healthy.


The commitment is to ensuring students have the skills to prepare healthy food and take it beyond their own province.  Every year they reach out to elementary classes to teach simple cooking skills that can be used at home and to spark and interest in healthy eating.  The past few years they have traveled north to share these skills with Inuit and First Nations students in Nunavut, NWT and Northern Ontario.   The focus will be on basic cooking skills, to get the participants excited about fresh food and provide recipes that can easily be reproduced at home.  In turn the Cape Dorset students will share traditional foods for the EatFit team to enjoy.


This year they have  added fitness to their mandate.  A healthy lifestyle must include physical activity in combination with healthy eating. Each day our ‘Fit’ leader, Erin Phelan and her fitness team of Avon Maitland students will introduce a new fitness concept to the students and teachers of Cape Dorset.


We are thrilled to be a  part of this incredible initiative and are honoured to share the experience with this fantastic team.

Feelin’ so GOOD we could dance!

Okay so we can all agree that nothing makes you want to jump out of your seat and turn up the music like a GOOD dance sequence. How about a montage of the very best dance scenes? That will cerainly make you feel GOOD on a winter Monday.

Enter our TELL US SOMETHING GOOD contest for a chance to win $250 Visa gift card and $250 towards a charity of your choice.

Racontez-nous une histoire


Peter et Chris nous racontent leur histoire.

Nous aimerions connaître “votre histoire’’.  Que ce soit une bonne action que vous ayez fait ou que quelqu’un près de vous ait vécu, ou simplement une anecdote cocasse qui vous fait rire, nous voulons l’entendre ! Soumettez-nous votre histoire et assurez-vous que vos amis votent pour “votre  histoire’’  afin que vous soyez celui ou celle qui gagnera une carte cadeau VISA d’une valeur de 250$ et nous offrirons en plus un autre montant de 250$ à l’œuvre de charité de votre choix .

cliquer ici pour participer au concors

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