bold, smokey burger 2

The big, bold burger

Tis the season for the burger! Nothing says summer like a juicy burger hot off the grill. With a smokey sauce, crisp refreshing apple and rich apple wood smoked cheddar, this burger is a taste experience like no other!

Our secret ingredient that takes this burger from average to BOLD is Neal Brothers smokey BBQ sauce. This sauce not only adds flavour, but makes for a super moist patty.

NB bold smokey BBQ sauce


11/2 pounds of ground turkey

1/3 cup of finely minced red onion

1/3 cup of chopped fresh flat leaf parsley

1/3 cup of Bread crumbs

1/4 cup of Neal Brothers smokey bold BBQ sauce, plus more for topping

1 egg

1 granny smith apple, thinly sliced

6 slices of apple wood smoked cheddar

6 Whole-grain hamburger buns

4 cups of arugula

In a Large mixing bowl, combine the beef, chopped onion, parsley, bread crumbs, BBQ sauce and egg gently with your hands- do not over mix!

ingredients for smokey burger in bowl

 Once combined, form into 6 even size burgers and place on a parchment lined tray. Sprinkle each with sea salt and pepper.

burgers on parchment

Pre-heat your grill to med-high setting. Brush the grill rack lightly with oil. Grill burgers about 6-8 minutes each side, until completely cooked through. In the last minute of cooking time, place a slice of apple-wood smoked cheddar on each patty to melt.

To assemble, place a handful of arugula on the bottom of each bun, place patty on top, 2 slices of apple and a dollop of bold smokey BBQ sauce. Bite in!

bold, smokey burger 1