Scott- Everest Base Camp

Meet Scott Robinson!

Neal Brothers has employees almost all over Canada, and Scott is responsible for the Atlantic side of things! Scott is also our in-house mountaineer, having been to various peaks all over the world, if he’s not working, you can most likely find him hiking! Check out Scott’s employee interview below :)

1. How long have you been working with Neal Brothers and what do you do here?

I have been working with Neal Brothers Foods for just over two years, and as mentioned, I am the Atlantic Sales Representative.

2. Why do you love working for Neal Brothers?

I love the products, the whole team, talking about good food all day, spreading goodness, and most of all I love how Chris & Peter tell everyone that they are my brothers.

3. Tell us one of your favourite stories working at Neal Brothers.

One of my favourite Neal Brothers times was during the Goodness Book tour. We got to tour the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre, meeting all of those wonderful people, and seeing the difference they were making in that area was amazing! Also, I loved how much the book tour brought together so many different groups (e.g. Sobeys; Lil Macpherson- Owner of Wooden Monkey, Halifax, NS; Canada’s Community Food Centres, and Neal Brothers) for a cause that is beautiful and heart warming. It made me so proud to work for this company!

4. What would you say is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

I’d have to say buying a one way flight to Nepal with no plan other than to make it to Mount Everest’s base camp!

5. Wow! What other notable mountains/peaks have you climbed?

I have done quite a few! Kilmanjaro a couple of times, Everest Base Camp (pictured above), El Misti, Cotopaxi, Macchu Picchu, Kala Pattar, Low Penitentes, Patagonia, Anconcagua, and Mt Katahdin.

6. Now that we know what your vacations look like, what is your day off like?

I love getting up early, and enjoying the morning with a cup of coffee and a workout. Then I will spend time gardening, hiking, fishing, and/or hunting. Frank (my dog) is most likely by my side, and then to end the day, I’ll put together a nice dinner.

7. What is your Goodness?

My goodness is encouraging my community to be the best people they can be! Whether it is exercise, connecting with nature, education of food, or climbing mountains. The love the idea of leaving this world a better place!

8. Where is your favourite place to wine/dine in your city and why?

Primal Kitchen, in Halifax. I love their unique take on dishes including bone marrow and wild game charcuterie. They also have an outstanding selection of local craft beers.

9. What is your favourite Neal Brothers product and how do you eat it?

There are so many to choose from! The top of my list is our Classic Mayonnaise and Organic Blue Tortillas w/Flax. I also love making one of the fish recipes from Goodness, you put Sriracha Mayonnaise on halibut and then crush up Neal Brothers BBQ chips followed by a pan fry. Finally, I love making nachos with the tortillas, oh and our BBQ sauces are wonderful!

10. What would your last meal be? (Don’t hold back)

A dozen raw oysters and a charcuterie/cheese board followed by elk tenderloin and lobster claws with fiddle heads and garlic sour dough bread with red wine and then apple crisp and ice cream for dessert!

We hope everyone enjoyed getting to meet Scott!