Meet Brian Burke, our very own in-house Boston Marathoner!

Brian Burke Marathon

Brian & Gail (daughter)

We love getting to know the people we work with, and even more, we love sharing some of their stories with you guys! This month (this weekend actually), Brian Burke- Warehouse Supervisor, is heading to Boston to run in the famous Boston Marathon! Therefore, this is the perfect time for everyone to learn a bit more about Brian.

Brian & Dianne

Brian & Dianne (wife)

Q: How long have you been at Neal Brothers Foods and what is your role here?

A: I have been at Neal Brothers Foods for 4.5 years now, and my role is Warehouse Supervisor.

Q: What is a day in the life of the Warehouse Supervisor?

A: My day consists of ensuring that our warehouse runs smoothly so that all of our accounts receive tasty Neal Brothers Foods products to sell!

Q: Why do you love working for Neal Brothers?

A: The people, hands down. Is it a big part of why I love coming to work every day!

Q: What would you say is the most adventurous thing you have ever done is?

A: I have ridden my bike across most of Canada. It’s a great way to see our beautiful country!

Q: What are some of your favourite spots you have ridden your bike to?

A: I have two places, the first is when I rode my bike across the prairies. The second is Quebec City, it was wonderful to discover its beauty and history!

Q: What does your day off look like?

A: I enjoy running, and listening to CBC Radio, “Ideas” is my favourite program. I also recently became a grandfather, so I love spending time with my grandson, my two daughters, and wife! I am also in the process of getting ready run the Boston Marathon, so I spend a lot of free time training for that right now.

Brian & Henry

Brian & Henry (grandson)

Q: Speaking of the Boston Marathon, when did you get into running? And, how long have you been training for the Boston Marathon for?

A: Probably about 5 or 6 years ago, and I guess you could say I have been training for Boston since then! However, it is usually about three months (or more) to prepare for a race of this magnitude.

Q: What race qualified you for the Boston Marathon? And, what was your time?

A: The Toronto Waterfront Marathon was my qualifying race, with a time of 3:29:24.

Q: Moving on from your impressive running skills, here at Neal Brothers Foods, we believe in living life with Goodness, what is your Goodness?

A: Being a father, hands down, I love every moment of it and family is everything! I am looking forward to taking on the grandfather role as well. The whole family is coming to Boston to watch me run, including baby Henry!

Brian & Karen

Karen (daughter) & Brian

Q: What is your favourite place to wine and dine in your city and why?

A: Well, whenever we visit Toronto, we make sure to head to Kit Kat on King St West. We stumbled upon it one day, and have been going back ever since. The family atmosphere, open kitchen, and food is unbeatable! I also love anywhere that makes a mean burger.

Q: Finally, what are some of your favourite Neal Brothers Foods products and how do you eat them?

A: I love the Organic Roasted Garlic pasta sauce, served over some good pasta. I also enjoy the WOW cookies we distribute, they are my treat!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Brian as much as we did here in the office. We wish him and his family a wonderful weekend and ALL the luck in the Boston Marathon. Go Brian!