Photo credit: Ashtin Germaniuk

Homemade Chicken Chili

My name is Ashtin Germaniuk (@ashtin_g from Instagram). I used Neal Brothers Organic Roasted Garlic Tomato sauce when I created this incredible recipe for homemade chicken chili.  I have loved and enjoyed every bite of each Neal Brothers product that I have tried.

Here is my recipe:

Depending on the appetite of the people eating this chili, or for me as a single, I was able to get 8 servings. You can always double the amounts to make a larger pot.

Here’s what I used:

– 1 (or 2) large skinless-boneless chicken breast

– 1 can Organic Diced Tomatoes (743ml)

– 1 jar Neal Brothers Garlic Pasta Sauce

– 1 can Organic Tomatoe Paste

– 1/2 Yellow pepper

– 1/2 Orange pepper

– 3-4 Celery sticks (chopped into about 1/2 inch pieces)

– 4-5 Carrots (peel them and cut off the ends, chopped into about 1/3 inch pieces)

– 4 White Mushrooms (chopped into about 6 pieces each)

– 1/3 Onion

– And used garlic, black pepper, parsley, basil and chili powder for my spices, and spiced to preferred taste.


Feel free to use all organic vegetables, too.

Photo credit: Ashtin Germaniuk

Photo credit: Ashtin Germaniuk


(And here’s what I did:


I chopped the chicken up into small pieces and put it in a pot on medium heat. I cooked the chicken until it was fully cooked. It’s okay if the chicken sticks to the pot as when you add the tomatoes, what was slightly burnt to the pan cooks off and adds a great flavour. I added the tomatoes and paste to the chicken. This is when I started to add my spices and let it simmer for a few minutes. I added the vegetables (as per what would take longer to cook down first) and more spices once everything cooked down and simmered it all for an hour and a half.)

Photo credit: Ashtin Germaniuk

Photo credit: Ashtin Germaniuk


And there you have it! Chicken Chili!

Serve with garlic bread.