Happy Thanksgiving to our Friends in the South

While the Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, American Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So to our friends in the south: that means there will be a plethora of good food and good company in your future. The Neal Brothers believe that traditions are an important part of the thanksgiving holiday – and one of their favourite traditions is gathering around a table of delicious food and giving thanks with friends and family.

Even though it’s important to keep traditions going, spicing up old family recipes is a great way to add a new twist to an old favourite. The Neal Brothers have come up with a few recipes that will add some zest to your meal. Mixing in some all natural and gourmet flavoured Neal Brothers products will add a tasty kick to your holiday dish and will leave your guests begging for your secret ingredient.

The holidays are for family time, not a time to be stuck in the kitchen preparing an extravagant meal. So take a page from the Neal Brothers’ book and sub in some of these recipes to make your thanksgiving a little bit more effortless. These tips and tricks will make whipping up a gourmet meal much easier – they’re quick, easy and unbelievably delicious.

Quick Tips:

  • Mix some crushed Neal Brothers Maple Bacon Kettle Chips into your sweet potato casserole base then add a sweet and savory topping made with crushed pecans and crumbled Neal Brothers Maple Bacon Kettle Chips. (They also make the perfect crunchy topping for your green bean casserole)

Sweet Potatoe

  • Make your classic mashed potatoes light, airy and decadent by whipping in Neal Brothers Truffle Mayonnaise and chopped chives


  • Mix Neal Brothers Pink Himalayan Salt Kettle Chips into your stuffing for an extra crunch


  • Add some zest to your butternut squash dip by adding in some Neal Brothers Lime Mayonnaise


  • Make your vegetables come to life by topping with melted mozzarella, crushed Neal Brothers Pink Himalayan Salt Kettle Chips and sprinkled with rosemary


  • Add some delicious new flavors to your roast with a garlic, herb and Neal Brothers Montreal Steak Spice crust

Roast Beef

  • Finish your holiday meal off with a one-of-a-kind Neal Brothers Spicy Srirachup Kettle Chip and Multigrain Pretzel Nugget chocolate bark

Chocolate bark