smoked corn close up

Grilled corn with smoked salt and olive oil

Happy August everyone! With corn season upon us we had to share this fantastic recipe for our grilled cobs. If you haven’t experienced corn cooked this way it is definitely a must try! Grilling encourages the natural sugars found in the corn to concentrate, locking in moisture to create a juicy, sweet bite.

To make this side dish even more elegant, we rubbed the cobs with Oleum Priorat’s extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with Cape & Herb’s Oak Smoked Salt.

smoked salt and oleum

This well balanced elixir is of superior quality winning Gold in the 2013 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. The olives are obtained from Arbequina, harvested by hand and naturally processed.

smoked salt corn

To Make this you will need:

Oleum Priorat extra virgin olive oil

Cape & Herb Oak Smoked Salt

6 ears of organic corn (1-2 per person)

Fresh flat leaf Parsley

Begin by shucking the corn to remove most of the husks. Leave a thin piece of husk to cover half the cob. In a dish, drizzle the olive oil over the cobs. Sprinkle all around with the smoked salt.

Grill the corn turning often to cook all sides evenly. This takes patience! While turning, brush the cobs with more olive oil. Once the corn begins to brown on all sides, remove from the heat (about 10-15 min.) Place on a platter and sprinkle with more smoked salt and chopped parsley. Serve hot!

corn with oleum