EatFit goes to Nunavut

screaming avacados

I wish they had this when we were in high school!

The students of Stratford Northwestern Secondary School with the help of their teacher, Paul Finkelstein created The Screaming Avocado. They offer healthy and delicious daily lunches to the student and staff every day. The meals are prepared by the students using locally sourced ingredients from farmers, producers and their own gardens within the school.


Paul and his students are ambassadors of healthy food and of cooking, farming and traditions. As an extension of The Screaming Avocados, they have created the program EatFit. Listen here


Our own Peter Neal and his daughter Hannah are headed northbound next month as a  part of the EatFit program. This year EatFit has been invited to visit the Peter Pitseolak School in Cape Dorset, Nunavut.


Alongside Peter and Hannah is Joshna Maharaj, a chef, writer & good food activist. Also in attendance is fitness trainer and writer Erin Phelan who will be teaching some simple exercises and lifestyle changes to keep active and healthy.


The commitment is to ensuring students have the skills to prepare healthy food and take it beyond their own province.  Every year they reach out to elementary classes to teach simple cooking skills that can be used at home and to spark and interest in healthy eating.  The past few years they have traveled north to share these skills with Inuit and First Nations students in Nunavut, NWT and Northern Ontario.   The focus will be on basic cooking skills, to get the participants excited about fresh food and provide recipes that can easily be reproduced at home.  In turn the Cape Dorset students will share traditional foods for the EatFit team to enjoy.


This year they have  added fitness to their mandate.  A healthy lifestyle must include physical activity in combination with healthy eating. Each day our ‘Fit’ leader, Erin Phelan and her fitness team of Avon Maitland students will introduce a new fitness concept to the students and teachers of Cape Dorset.


We are thrilled to be a  part of this incredible initiative and are honoured to share the experience with this fantastic team.