Le défi ’’recette des fêtes ‘’ de NEAL BROTHERS

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Éblouissez-nous avec votre créativité culinaire !

Le concours Neal brothers de décembre consiste à soumettre une de vos recettes utilisant un ou plusieurs des produits Neal brothers afin d’ avoir une chance de remporter un prix Neal brothers d’une valeur de  250$ ainsi qu’un montant de 250$ à offrir à l’œuvre de charité de votre choix pour la période des fêtes.

Alors, qu’attendez-vous? Enfilez votre tablier illico et faites aller votre imagination

Soumettez-nous votre recette incluant une image de celle-ci  sur Neal Brothers Facebook Page à la rubrique : Contests.

Nous vous souhaitons la meilleure des chances et beaucoup de plaisir en cuisine!


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Happy Halloween!

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If you are lucky enough to work in a ridiculously fun environment like we do than you may not need any excuses to get a little silly but for those who don’t, Halloween gives us a day to take down the “serious” a little at work.


Do you work in an office where people get Halloween crazy or is it just a few employees that participate? In our opinion, there shouldn’t be much to debate here. A break from heels & ties and a chance to act like a child….umm yes please!


This year, we chose our favourite Neal Brothers snack and brought them to life.  What do you think of these homemade Halloween gems?


Félicitations BioTerre!


Neal Brothers souhaite un joyeux anniversaire au magasin BioTerre de la rue St-Viateur à Montréal. Complice de la première heure de Neal Brothers‎, BioTerre. S’est taillé une place de choix dans le paysage des produits naturels Montréalais. Félicitations pour 10 ans de vie!

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Neal Brothers celebrated 25 years

Neal Brothers celebrated 25 years in business last weekend with an incredible bash at 99 Sudbury in Liberty Village hosted by Erica Ehm. Attendees came from all over the world to celebrate with Peter, Chris and the rest of the Neal Brothers family and to toast their amazing success story.


Everybody who came enjoyed treats from Pizza Libretto (Rocco’s super yummy maple bacon ice cream) Caplansky’s Truck (Poutine, grilled cheese and maple bacon doughnuts) and Fidel Gastro (pulled pork sandwiches and Pad Thai fries). Also, sweet treats from Artsy Baker and Bite Me Bakery were paired with “Kick Ass” organic Kicking Horse Coffee. There was almost too much deliciousness to go around!


BIG thanks to everyone who supported the event and to those who supported Neal Brothers for the past 25 years…you know who you are! Hugs and kisses to all for an unforgettable evening.

 Let’s do this again sometime…hopefully not waiting another 25 years.



Neal Brothers Foods: A 25 Year Overnight Success Story

Neal Brothers Foods began 25 years ago (1988) in Chris and Peter’s parents’ kitchen in Aurora, Ontario. The very first product to come out of that kitchen was the crouton! Since then, we’ve added many more snacks to the Neal Bros mix and our family continues to grow.

This year in celebration of our 25th anniversary, we have added a new line of kettle cooked chips – Pink Himalayan Salt, Pink Salt and Vinegar, Sweet and Smokey BBQ and Maple Bacon! Each flavour has a year of significance that we have incorporated into the design of our packaging to commemorate our 25 years as one big food lovin family! We have thoroughly enjoyed providing you with healthier snack options since 1988 and look forward to another 25 years of good times and even better snacks! Thank you for all of your support over the years!


From our family to yours!